Recommendations For The Use Of A Professional Multifunctional Copier

The maintenance of a professional multifunctional copier is essential if we want it to work like the first day and if we want it to solve at all times our needs regarding document management. Therefore, in addition to knowing each program and each function, we must know how to use it correctly to keep it in perfect condition, but also what recommendations are appropriate to extend its useful life.

Here we offer a series of recommendations for use so that the rental of a multifunctional photocopier is always an immediate solution and we do not find any mishap. tips and recommendations for using a professional multifunction copier

Always Have A Maintenance Service Available

One of the advantages of renting professional printers is that you can count on a technical assistance that resolves any incident, as well as an integrated maintenance service. The latter is more interesting because, as the saying goes: “it is better to prevent than to regret,” and in a dynamic company cannot allow breakdowns that would have been avoided in time by a correct use or by a preventive detection of a possible failure.

Always Have Backup Copies

Still, there are times when we can not avoid breakdowns or uncontrollable circumstances that affect the normal functioning of our company, for example, we find some ups and downs. For these cases, the prevention that is so essential in a company comes from backup copies or different access routes that we have the documentation to which we can not access by the chosen device.

For this, we can count on the cloud computing technology, the sending of documentation to the mobile phone or the storage in the same hard disk of the professional multifunction photocopier, so that if any of these devices fails, we have other access ways, including the documentary on paper.…

When In Doubt, Nothing To Experience

We are very given to that, first of all, what has buttons, let’s try pressing at random in search of that option with which we do not deliver to the first one. Although the Toshiba professional photocopiers have integrated an intuitive and simple touch screen that guides us between their functions, in the event that we do not find any or have any incidence, it is best to go to the user manual or technical contact before experiencing with options that we do not know and can cause greater evils.

Cleaning First

From the cleanliness of the glass screen to the quality and treatment of paper, it influences the use of a digital photocopier. That at the base of scanning and photocopying there are specks of dust or dirt, means that this pass printed on the paper, like the quality of it or that is wrinkled or wet, can cause jams inside the machinery.

Do Not Manipulate The Inside Of The Machine

The most we can do to solve a condition in the machinery of the photocopier is to access the rollers to eliminate a paper jam, always in the opposite direction to the entry and with great care not to tear the paper. The rest of the interventions for which it is required to open the machine, we must leave them in the hands of professionals.

Use Quality Elements

Even if we recycle used paper or use paper for drafts, we must take care that these are “of quality” (recycled paper well treated is). Even more when we talk about toner or spare parts, since only those approved by the manufacturer, they ensure to extend the useful life of the photocopier and avoid incidents with its use.

Print Management Services

7 Reasons Why You Should Deploy A Print Management Solution In Your Enterprise

If you’re still on the fence about print management solutions and multi-function printers, you might be missing out big. Print management solutions, unlike the old single function copiers, printers, scanners and fax machine, could potentially save you a lot of resources. From better security to cost savings, increased productivity to reduced waste, support for multiple devices to multi-tasking.

Here are some of the reasons to deploy a complete managed print services solution in your enterprise:

• Cost savings

Today, cost saving is a major consideration in any enterprise. It is one of the primary considerations when you’re looking to protect your bottom line. Print Management Solutions allow you to create rules and parameters that can help you eliminate potentially wasteful jobs, ultimately allowing you to bring your costs down.

For instance, giving your employees liberty to print in colour even when not necessary will eat up into your costs. You can implement pop-up notices that notify them of other alternatives before printing. By informing users to avoid, say, simplex printing, or reduce colour printing, you will bring down your printing costs significantly by cutting down on paper and toner costs.

• Reduced waste:

Print management solutions encourage responsible printing. You can eliminate wastage by releasing documents only when users are ready to receive them in the copy room. You can also cut paper, power and toner costs by using print policies and quotas. This not only reduces your wastes but also minimises your carbon footprint.

• BYOD support

Modern digital print management solutions offer support for a BYOD culture. It Allows users to “Bring Your Own Device”, enabling them to print from their smart devices securely, and on the go. With a BYOD system, users can send documents from their phones or tablets to other print enabled devices.

No matter the operating system, file format, the location or the brand of the printer, users can upload their documents to their emails, company website or use a print management software to print from anywhere. This improves print charging, accounting and quota process. The result is an environment where mobility, productivity and efficiency are significantly enhanced.

• Restricted Access

Print management solutions enhance security, allowing you to ensure secure access to devices. By having an elaborate protocol, you can give access to authorised employees to use your machines in a way that meets your corporate standards. This is a sure way to protecting your network from an array of external threats.

You can have print requests intercepted at the print servers, allowing you to control jobs according to policies. Besides protecting access to confidential documents, using restricted access protocols will help slash the volume of unclaimed printouts. You can also apply secure print release rules that require user authentication before printing. This ensures that documents can be printed and collected by authorised users only.

You can also have your print management configured to require print approvals, ensuring that authorised users such as managers or systems admins authorise any of the printing jobs.

• Increased productivity

A Digitized workflow can give your enterprise leverage and a unique competitive edge in today’s environment. With a robust print management solution, you can increase productivity by digitising your workflow. Such that, users can send documents straight to their designated destinations or locations with the help of one-click scan management tools.

• Monitor and Report Usage

Imagine the possibility of being able to monitor and report all areas of copy, print, fax and scan in real-time. A well-thought-out print management solution allows you to have a detailed page log summary by department, user and device or address the environmental impact. You can choose to have the report in various out of the box formats, including PDF, Microsoft Excel or HTML format.

Additionally, you can schedule to have the reports generated and emailed directly to you automatically. Whether you’d like them to have your company header, or to be custom created to capture data within specific dates, sorted and filtered to your preference, print management will just do that, autonomously. You can access these reports from any web browser. Such kind of flexibility and versatility is indeed a game changer.

• Scale up effortlessly

Print management solution also allows your enterprise to have a network that can support your on-demand printing needs effortlessly. It also makes it easier to amp up your capacity to support systems of all sizes, from ten to hundreds of users.…