When In Doubt, Nothing To Experience

We are very given to that, first of all, what has buttons, let’s try pressing at random in search of that option with which we do not deliver to the first one. Although the Toshiba professional photocopiers have integrated an intuitive and simple touch screen that guides us between their functions, in the event that we do not find any or have any incidence, it is best to go to the user manual or technical contact before experiencing with options that we do not know and can cause greater evils.

Cleaning First

From the cleanliness of the glass screen to the quality and treatment of paper, it influences the use of a digital photocopier. That at the base of scanning and photocopying there are specks of dust or dirt, means that this pass printed on the paper, like the quality of it or that is wrinkled or wet, can cause jams inside the machinery.

Do Not Manipulate The Inside Of The Machine

The most we can do to solve a condition in the machinery of the photocopier is to access the rollers to eliminate a paper jam, always in the opposite direction to the entry and with great care not to tear the paper. The rest of the interventions for which it is required to open the machine, we must leave them in the hands of professionals.

Use Quality Elements

Even if we recycle used paper or use paper for drafts, we must take care that these are “of quality” (recycled paper well treated is). Even more when we talk about toner or spare parts, since only those approved by the manufacturer, they ensure to extend the useful life of the photocopier and avoid incidents with its use.